Be aware of some interesting tie-knot styles

Men’s ties are the most versatile accessory on the block. Silk ties, cotton and silk blends as well as silk and woolen ties are your best bet. The great thing about these ties is that you can wear them as a Windsor knot, bow tie or the ascot tie. You can also choose from a vast variety of colors and prints. Get burgundy, blue, black or brown with self designs or in checks, paisleys or stripes. Buying the kind of tie you want to wear, you can experiment with how you can wear them. To begin with, a bow tie ideal fits a tux that makes it not something you are going to put on every single day. There is certainly one particular concept you have to adhere to when you obtain it, remember it requires to be smaller than the largest part of your throat so when you tie it. Makes it not increasing past the collar of one’s top because you do not want to appear to be the leisure entourage of the social gathering. Fashion designers offer click here option in their websites to educate their clients about the various types of knots that can be used while using the neck or bow ties.

Here are some interesting knot styles:

Know some of the following types of knots you can try while wearing your ties:

Windsor knot: The Windsor knot was named after the Duke of Windsor, who often wore his tie this way. This style has vastly been accepted for its classic look. It goes best with a wide collared shirt, although you could wear it with many different shirts.

Bow tie: Traditionally associated with the tuxedo, the bow tie has now donned a new avatar – of casual chic. Bow ties look great with casual clothes. It’s best to opt for self-tied bow ties available with some designer brands such as Stanley Lewis. You could choose an interesting print such as plaid and pair it with a shirt, sports coat and jeans for a really funky look. There are double sided bow ties to give you more room for change.

Ascot tie: The good thing about the Ascot tie is that it looks great with both formal and casual wear. The Ascot tie needs to be the strongest feature in your attire, so make sure you choose bright colors like fuchsia, tangerine and turquoise. Pair these with a white shirt or even a dark suit. With the Ascot tie, you have to make sure that you also pick the right fabric for the right shirt.